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Monday, 19 November 2018

A Woman's Secret to Success in Marriage

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It’s so very late in the night or should I just say the very early hours of the morning, but I can’t sleep without penning something down as the Lord lays it on my heart. Quite a number of times I have had people complain about how unpractical some of the things I share are. And the aspect where a wife has to submit to her husband in everything is the one that seems most unpractical to a lot of wives. The general thought for us women is that submission comes easy when a man loves his wife and treats her with respect and so if the husband wants his wife to submit to him, he must first show her love.
Before I confirm or disagree with this notion, I want to sound a note of warning that this message and the messages I write on my blog are strictly for those who seek God’s approach to marital issues above what their minds, tradition and the norm of the society accepts for marriage. In so many ways these traditions and norms have not withstood the test of time and the high rise in divorce rates have shown their ineffectiveness. So, permit me to sound foolish with some practical advice on marriages that have proven to be effective even in my marriage.
In the next couple of days, I want us to take a critical look at that word submission and what its effect is in attaining a successful marriage. For those who are used to reading my blog, they would be familiar already with my marriage scriptures (Ephesians 5:22-33, Colossians 3:18-19 and 1 Peter 3:1-7), and those are the scriptures I will be focusing on in the next couple of days again.
Like I said earlier, my content is not meant for those who are wise in their own sight and think they can handle their marriages by themselves using baseless set of traditional rules and norms, but for those who know and are certain that success in their marriages or any area of their lives are based on the leading of God in their lives. Those who seek success in marriage and life using the God approach. And they are willing to do it exactly the way the Bible says it should be done without giving God’s word their own personal interpretation.
With that sorted out, I want us to take a minute to wonder why God would tell the wives to submit to their husbands, knowing that there are some very mean husbands out there? Why isn’t He giving exception to that rule knowing that there are some men who abuse their wives both physically and emotionally? At least to such a marriage situation, God could have relaxed His rules a bit or put some excepts in the clause of the rules.
I have had to wonder about this on more than one occasion, but every opportunity that God has, He shows me the unmatchable effect of submission in marriage and more than once I have shared my story on this blog. Now, 1 Peter 3:1-2 says, a wife should submit to her husband so that, if peradventure he (her husband) does not believe in God, he may be won over to God without words, but by the behavior of his wife, when he sees the purity and reverence of her life. Now, this is the practical aspect of what God is asking us to do; submitting to our husbands is an act of obedience to God and every act of obedience to God will not go unrewarded by God. Then when you submit to your husband as his wife it delights him, our obedience to our husbands draws them to us. When we receive grace and strength from God and let it show in our daily lifestyle which our husbands see and are impressed about, they are drawn to us and in no time,  they begin to seek the source of are strength and then begin to seek God. And a man who truly seeks God and his drawn to God will obey God just like his wife is doing and when he is obeying God, he will love his wife and care of her like himself. Now, this is the ripple effects of what God has asked us to do. This is the outcome of submission in marriage. It may be tough to obey but we are the beneficiaries of our submission in the long run.
There are so many examples of the benefits of submission in the Bible and we will spend a little time starting from this post in looking at them as the Lord leads. But I want to share a resent experience of mine with you.
Very early into this year, my husband opened a fabric store for me. He spent quite an interesting amount of money tastefully doing the shop and it was a beautiful. But when it was time to stock the shop with goods my husband gave me so very little. In fact, it was about a third of what he spent in renovating the shop that he gave me to stock the shop with. As you would expect, I was very upset. I wanted to go borrowing but he warned me against it. So, he wouldn’t give me money and would not allow me to go borrowing to sort myself out.
But I was reminded of submission in my spirit. God never stopped ringing submission into my spirit. So, I obeyed my husband and didn’t go borrowing. I was frustrated because what I had in the shop was scanty for the beauty of the shop. I kept sitting in the almost empty yet beautiful shop and I continued to pray. Along the line, I discovered the power of social media and I began to display my fabrics on social media even though I didn’t have them at hand. To the glory of God people started buying from me online, and after six months of the shop in existence, the sales I have made in the shop accounts for just about 10% of our total sales as a business. The remaining 90% of sales is from our online customers.
The big lesson that I want to share in this story is that if I had fought my husband and forced him to give me money to buy a sizeable goods in the shop, that does not amount to the fact that the sales there would improve, and I would never have discovered the power of social media. I would have been frustrated by the low sales, and that would have resulted in more fights between us knowing that I have a result-oriented husband. He would have complained bitterly about the low sales.
But I obeyed and now I am better off. I have my shop looking nice and not as scanty as the initially time when I first opened it and my marriage is intact without any disagreement. And so, submission is not a dead end in marriage, rather it is the divine wisdom that we need as bedrock in building a solid foundation of a successful marriage.

I have package two books on marriage issues and so far, they have helped a lot of couples understand marriage better and their marriages are thriving today. Why add to the number of failed marriages when you can enjoy a beautiful life as couples and believe me when I say the grass is not greener on the other side. A successful marriage doesn’t just happen, those in it make it happen and then enjoy the fruits of their labor.
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