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Thursday, 25 October 2018

Investing Money in Your Husband: Is it Wrong?

It's another beautiful day and another glorious opportunity to learn a thing or two from today’s blog. I pray that by the power of the living God, today’s blog post will impact your life positively in Jesus name.
Last weekend I was invited to give a talk on the issue of marriage in a Church’s Men’s Convention and the wives were invited. I was invited to talk about marriage from a wife’s point of view. During the question and answer session, one of the questions that were asked inspired me to write a message on it. The question is this, “What about wives who have tried several times to give their husbands huge sums of money to start up a business in order to assist him in his responsibility as a breadwinner and all he has done is to squander the money with nothing to show for it. In this case what should or can the wife do again.”  
As a wife we are the suitable helper to our husbands, that is a God-given assignment and we will give account to God on how well we have performed. But in fulfilling this assignment we need wisdom from God and we need to connect with the Spirit of God always in everything we do. Proverbs 16:9 says, “In his heart, a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.” Before you plan to or actually give your husband money to start off any business, did you pray about it first? Did ask God if that was the right thing to do or the God-approved way to help your husband?
This is where we miss the mark; it is very correct that we as wives are God’s suitable helper to our husbands, but where to help and how to help is a matter we need to constantly seek the face of God for, so we don’t run a fruitless race on the issue of marriage. A lot of times we need to put our emotions on hold and seek the face of God before we act. When you decide to pump money into the life of your husband without prior seeking God to know if it’s the right step to take, you do what you do on your own wisdom which is limited, and the end result of such action is not guaranteed.
I am a very big advocate of a wife financially assisting her husband when the need arises, but it is important that you put the matter before the Lord first and seek His direction on how to go about it before taking the step. Unless your husband demands your help on financial matters and as a wife under submission you are compelled by the Spirit of God in you in obedience to the word of God to submit to your husband and obey his instruction and release funds to him, you should not on your thoughts begin to pump money into the life of your husband without first seeking God’s thought on the matter.
As a wife, there are a lot of areas where you should and must help your husband be better than you met him that has little or nothing to do with money. The success of your marriage should not have money as a catalyst or a prerequisite factor. And so, as a wife, you should not assume in your mind that your husband will love you more or be a better husband to you because you lavish him with money. If that is what you think and work with, frustration may await you at the end of the day. When you don’t have money as you used to, then the marriage dies a natural death.
Let me tell a personal story at this point. About 11years ago the financial life of both my husband and I was in a very terrible state. When we got married I was earning more and so I had more to put in the family wallet, and shortly after we got married I lost my job. And then I began to pray. One of my prayer points for my husband was that God should provide him with all that he needs to be a good husband to me and a good father to our children. So the wisdom he needs, the financial resources, the moral-upstanding and whatever else I could think of to mention in my prayer and those I didn't have the knowledge to mention, I asked the Lord to provide all for my husband.
Some years later, my husband saw a job advert in the newspaper and he wrote an application for the job and brought it home to me to help him post in the post-office. Before leaving for the post-office I prayed on the application and entered into a covenant with God over that application that I want to give a testimony on it. My husband never knew that I prayed, neither did he know that I made a covenant with God concerning the application letter he gave me to post.
Two weeks after I posted the application letter he was called for an interview and then after another week, he was called for a second interview and then a week after that he was called for a third interview and wage negotiation and he indeed got the job to the glory of God. Now, I helped my husband as his suitable helper because all through the course of the series of interviews, I never stopped praying and when he came back home with not-to-good stories of how the interview went, I didn’t let it shake my faith. Today, 10years later, he is the head of the factory of the company. He has grown through the ranks, I didn’t help him with money, I didn’t have to try to set him up in a business of any kind, but I helped him on my knees with prayers. What he has attained with my prayers no amount of money that I could give him could have enabled him to attain such. In fact, the kind of money he has is what I am still trusting God for in my account (lol).
So, I conclude with this, don’t bother to play God in the life of your husband in the name of helping him. Giving him money to start a business or for him to get on his feet and stand as a man as the society understands it to be, may not be the solution to the problem. But when you pray always for your husband and seek direction from God on the way to go about helping him you will achieve more as his suitable helper than you can ever think or dare to achieve with your limited wisdom or even enormous wealth.

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Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Unity in Marriage - A Big Lesson (4)

Genesis 2:24
For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.

Malachi 2:15
Has not the Lord made them one? In flesh and spirit they are His. And why one? Because he was seeking godly offspring. So guard yourself in your spirit, and do not break faith with the wife of your youth.

Matthew 19:4-6
“Haven’t you read” he replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female’, and said, ‘For this reason a man will leave father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’? So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.”

We have looked at and considered several dimensions of unity in marriage, and in truth, we cannot overemphasize its importance. And so, in the Bible passages above we see one fundamental truth spoken by God and not by any man. The Lord God Almighty says “He who made them male and female has declared that the man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife and from then on, they are no longer two but one.” They are in fact one both in flesh and in spirit. So what marriage makes happen is to unite the man to his wife whereby they stop to be two different entities, but they then become one.
Within this one people comprising of the male husband and female wife joined as one entity, whatever they plan shall not be impossible for them (Genesis 11:6), and they will have good returns for their labor (Ecclesiastes 4:9) and when they agree concerning anything that they have asked God for, it will be done for them by our Father in heaven, the God of our Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 18:19).
But this unity does not come cheap, the fact that you are united as one in marriage does not mean you will remain united as one if you are not careful to guide and guard that unity. Because the devil knows the abundant blessings that are enveloped in the unity of marriage, he will do everything within his power to ensure that the unity of the husband and his wife does not hold. So you cannot afford to be careless or carefree with the unity of your marriage.
Now the devil won’t come to you and say, I want to take the unity of your marriage away. No-one has ever seen the devil even though we hold him responsible for everything that goes wrong in our lives. But the unity of our marriage is stolen in disguise. It starts with a very minute misunderstanding or disagreement. And in some cases, it graduates to lack of trust and then to marital unfaithfulness. And I can go on with so many reasons why the husband and the wife don’t agree. But one secret that we are not always mindful of is that Matthew 18:19 requires that they agree first before asking and then it is crowned up with receiving what they have asked for. And so, ensuring agreement should be a continuous deliberate act.
We cannot eliminate misunderstandings and disagreements in marriages, but it is important that we suffocate it out of our marital lives whenever it raises its ugly head. Sometimes it’s necessary to play the fool and be quiet and tolerant on issues with your spouse in marriage, not because you are actually a fool but because you want peace to reign in your marriage and you hold the unity of your marriage sacrosanct.
Ecclesiastes 3:7 says, “a time to tear and a time to mend, a time to be silent and a time to speak”, the second part of this scripture is so very important in marriage. There is a time to be silent and a time to speak. When you are mindful of the unity of your marriage, you will understand and appreciate that there is a time to be silent and a time to speak. Now, note the order, the silent time comes before the speaking time.
You don’t respond to everything your spouse does that hurts you, not because you can’t or that they don’t hurt, but because you are working for the unity of your marriage. When your spouse hurts you and you keep quiet more often than you kick-back and react, you are respected and when you eventually speak up, it’s weightier. But when you are always reacting to everything your spouse does to you, first you wash away the unity of your marriage, you erode the respect your spouse should have for you and eventually you become irritating and categorized as a nagging personality. So, there is more dignity in holding back and praying, than in speaking up and fighting all the time.  
I am not saying that you bottle-up so much in you till you grow resentful towards your spouse, but I say that you pray more for your spouse when he/she hurts you and seek the peace of God within you to forgive and let go. In marriage, there is the need to master your emotions and be the lord and boss over your feeling than to let your feeling and emotions rule you.
I totally agree that you will need to voice out sometimes, but you need to let those sometimes be less times than more. And then when you have to let your spouse know that you are hurting by his/her actions or inactions, the manner in which you air your grievances is also very important. I would always say this about communication in life and especially in marriage; three things are most important: What you say, how you say it and when you say it. All these factors put together will say a lot about the reaction of your spouse to what you have complained about. These three factors will determine whether he/she will be sober and repent or whether he/she will kick-up and react negatively or aggressively. So, your words, your timing and your body language and tone of voice play a big role in the effectiveness of what you have to communicate with your spouse.  
Now, the focus of all of these is to ensure the unity of your marriage which is prerequisite to loads of blessings from the Lord for your marriage and individual lives. Remember it’s "if two of you agree concerning anything they ask for." Note that a house that is divided in itself cannot stand. A company or an establishment in which its owners are divided on more issues than they are united, is heading towards a collapse and same goes for any marriage institution. We if we have not been working hard towards the unity of our marriages, now is the time to start.  

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Saturday, 13 October 2018

Unity in Marriage - A Big Lesson (3)

So, continuing from my last post, the second thing I learned when I ran back to God concerning the frustrating situation in my marriage and the truth that stared me in the face that I could no longer handle the financial situation of my marriage was the importance of deliberately maintaining a flow of communication in my marriage and upholding the unity of my home.
Everything I was going through was such that I saw my husband as wicked and insensitive. I stopped telling him things about myself and the happenings in the home and he didn’t bother to ask. When there was a situation in my home I would look for a means of resolving it first before telling my husband about it and that is if I ever told him. And he also had the mindset that since I was trying to take up his role, he wouldn’t stop me since it was making life easier for him after all.
So, after praying and trusting God, I learned the importance of submission and how it would help me overcome my current challenge, stripe me off my current burden and transfer the responsibility of headship back to my husband. But one other important revelation that came to me was the importance of unity. The importance of "agreement" in my marriage in order to have good success.
So, as I began to submit to my husband, I began to marry my opinions and ideas with his. I learned to submit my ideas to the authority of my husband’s ideas. No matter how much I was convinced that I was right, and he was wrong, I would go by his way. I was able to do this because I always prayed to God that if He demanded that I submit to my husband as unto the Lord as found in Ephesians 5:22-24, then He should fill my husband with His presence such that whatever step or decision my husband takes, it will be God’s decision for the family. And even when it looks so wrong I will still follow and pray that God turns that so wrong decision into a so right decision for our family.
Since I have begun this process we have enjoyed good progress in my family. And because I am constantly on the altar of prayer in my heart, a lot of the decisions that my husband has made has ultimately been for the progress of our family. I will own up to the fact that we still have arguments on very rare occasions but in all, I am enjoying my marriage. 
And then one other thing this has brought to my family is Unity. When I deliberately let my husband be the head while I be the suitable helper, unity began to grow. We were able to agree on a lot of issues and those agreements formed the basis of our prayers to God. So, it wasn’t that my husband was praying for A item while I was busy praying for B which is in direct contrast of what my husband was praying for. With that sorted answers to our prayers were coming fast.
Because my husband noticed and appreciated my efforts in making the marriage a success and he had noticed that I submitted to him, understanding that I wasn’t doing it because I had no ideas or will of my own, but because I recognized him as my husband and head of my family and esteemed him so, he communicated with me more. It was easier for him to open up his mind and thought to me and whatever he told me was a prayer point for me. Even when he told me things I thought might not work well with the family, rather than voice my disagreement, I would pray that God would redirect him to do the right thing. And because I belong to the living God who answers prayers the story always ends in praise.
My husband and I have achieved more as a unit of one people speaking with one voice more than we could ever achieve individually. Jesus says that a house that is divided in itself cannot stand. And so you need to be very deliberate about ensuring and maintaining the unity of your marriage and your home. Never let anything disturb the unity of your marriage, you need to be intentional about it and prayerfully sustain it too and you will achieve good success to the glory of God alone. 

The very first Couple's Clinic from The Word That Suits comes up on the 1st of December 2018 at Chevron Recreational Center. I encourage you to keep the date. I will be speaking and so will a very powerful male mentor Mr. Deji Irawo. It promises to be a for rebuilding marriages and homes. 

Monday, 8 October 2018

Unity in Marriage - A Big Lesson (2)

A very good old friend of mine came to see me this past week, we had worked together in a telecommunications company some twelve years ago but kept in touch. We spent several hours discussing the various life’s challenges we have faced in the past twelve years. While I can say that I am overcoming my own challenges, she was still trusting God for respite on her own issues. We spoke about her marriage and then we agreed on some of the reasons why she might still be having issues in some areas of her life and areas she needs to work on.
For her, as it is with a lot of other marriages of God-fearing people with issues in marriage so much damage is caused by the break down in communication. She lost her job at about the time her husband lost his job. She plunged herself into finding a means to financially provide for the family and the husband just stayed back and looked on not that its all his fault. Like many women, my friend felt her husband was taking the issue a little less serious and she decided to bypass him and he just let her be. 
With time they both began to draw apart, and the husband was becoming frustrated and he would show it. So, from finding a way to make ends meet, my friend also had the burden of coping with a frustrated husband. Her husband never says much in the house and everything she does whether good or bad was fine by him since she had assumed the boss role.
My friend on her own part was too busy running to do every and any work her hands finds to do just to ensure that the family is running fine and the financial strain isn’t obvious for the world to see. But this goes with a lot of cold and silent wars in her marriage and she has decided to choose the wellbeing of her family above the naggings of her husband. I am sure a lot of women would do the same. I did the same thing too when faced with such a challenge until I had a divine revelation from God.  
The first thing that I noticed was that I was carrying the responsibilities of my husband. I was supposed to support him in his responsibility as the head of the home and not to carry his responsibility as my own. My husband is the head of the home and even in meeting with the needs of the home and carrying on the financial burden of the home, he is still the head. But my passion for wanting everything to work well made me begin to carry on his responsibilities as my own as I considered he was not moving fast enough and not showing enough passion for our needs as a family as I thought he should.
So, I began to do what he was supposed to be doing and he was just looking at me and not complaining. Waiting until I weary myself with a burden that shouldn’t be mine. With no concrete source of income and with my life savings gone and all my gold pieces of jewelry all sold in order to make ends meet in the come I began to get frustrated. More so the fact that my husband wasn’t helping much and not showing enough care. Communication between us was at level zero. And I held on to my only lifeline. I ran back to God, prayed and then listened for answers.
These are the lessons I learned:
1). I was supposed to be a suitable helper to my husband and not the primary burden bearer. So, carrying up the responsibilities of the home and expecting my husband to help, was in direct opposition to God’s order of things. So first, I need reverse that order to align with God's order and put my emotions under check.
Now, how do I make my husband take up his responsibilities of providing for the needs of the family like he should? I couldn’t force him, I couldn’t even tell him to do what he is meant to do. No amount of telling him will make any difference, it will only result in quarrels, fights and any other form of resistance. I am sure a lot of people are experiencing that kind of resistance and fights now.
So, I began to pray. It was only God that could do in this matter what I or any other wife in the same situation as I was then cannot do. In every situation that I prayed to God about in my marriage, all I heard from Him was and still is submission. So, in making my husband responsible for his responsibilities, I needed to submit to him. It sounds very absurd an approach. By human reasoning, there is no correlation between submission and making a man be the man of the house and provide for his family like he should.
Here is the analysis that most of us don't give a thought to. Well practically speaking, submitting to your husband makes him own the responsibility. When you obey your husband, you speak to him in actions and not words that whatever he tells you to do and you do, he is responsible for the outcome of your action or inaction and not you, since you are just doing as he says, you are obeying him, you are submitting to him. When you do this and pray, you act and support your actions with prayers. So while your actions are playing a role in the situation, God is working on his conscience through your prayers. When there is a situation in the home and you allow your husband take the call he understands that whatever call he takes, he is responsible for it, whatever the outcome is. And if he takes no call at all that does not amount to him not being responsible for his inactions. And as a wife, it is my duty to support him and pray for him to make the right decisions all the time noting that my own opinion on the matter might not necessarily be the right opinion.  
Little wonder from the Bible why God never queries the wives/mothers over faults in any family situation. The man is the head as far as God is concerned. So, as a wife, rather than take matters into your hands because you think the situation needs fast attention, keep a hold on your emotions, pray to God and let your husband take the call. Continually doing this tells him over and over again that he is head and he is responsible for the situations in the home.
But as a wife, you need to do this and keep doing it prayerfully. You are not just letting go of responsibility, but you are prayerfully handing it over to your husband who ideally owns the responsibility and burdens that you carry on yourself unnecessarily.
I am always amazed at how much we as wives can achieve through submission. And when I say submission, it does not speak of weakling wives as most people want to believe. It is the powerful tool used by wise and godly women to achieve so much in their marriage that makes them models for others to copy. Submission is strength in itself. Submission in marriage should not be a symbol of intimidation but of strength and power of godly wives who prayerful submit to their husbands in accordance to the will of God for their lives and marriages. 

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Unity In Marriage - A Big Lesson (1)

It’s been a long time that I shared a blog and I am beginning to need you (who read this and enjoy it) to help me pray for strength. I won’t make too much promises, but I just pray the Lord will give me grace and strength to improve on my performance in Jesus name.
There is a date I will encourage you to keep in your calendar, and that date is the 1st of December 2018. For the first time, we are having to go beyond just the blog to a live audience. Let’s discuss this marriage issue life and there is a very blessed male speaker on board to discuss with us the ills of marriage from a masculine perspective and with the Holy Spirit as our very first lead. And with that said, let's go into the discussion for this post.

There is a divine revelation that we still don’t have when it comes to the issue of marriage. Marriage is not just for the provision of material things, marriage is not just for companionship, it’s a little beyond that. Marriage is not just for reproduction or the desire for physical needs, its bigger than all of these that I have just mentioned. What I have discovered marriage to be, is two people coming together to work together to achieve success in life. When you have a divine revelation of this one important focus in marriage, you will take the unity of your marriage a little bit more seriously.

Genesis 11:6
The Lord said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.

Matthew 18:19
Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven.

Ecclesiastes 4:19
Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work:

Above are passages to show the very important fiber of your marriage. The very important reason among many other reasons why God instituted marriage and that import fiber, is the power of agreement. The power of unity. Unity in marriage breaks the barrier of impossibility. And no matter how successful you think you are alone, you can get better than that when there is unity of purpose and goal with your spouse and when you run that race with the one whom the Lord has designated to your life as your destiny helper.
People would always pray for destiny helpers to come their way, interestingly for those who are married the destiny helper is that one person they are married to. They have the answer to their prayers, yet they do not know it. Proverbs 18:22 says, “He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the Lord”, and then Proverbs 19:14 says, “Houses and wealth are inherited from parents, but a prudent wife is from the Lord.” If God does not lie and the Bible is true, then the one to help your destiny the most is the one you call husband or wife.
Now let’s analyze this together; Amos 3:3 says, “Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so?” And then we read in Matthew 18:19 that if two agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for them by God in heaven (His Father and our Father). That tells me that the issue of agreement in marriage must be intentional and deliberate. The agreement won’t just happen, those involved would have to intentionally make it happen. This is because there is a goal to be achieved, success needs to be the focus of the union.
Unity in marriage just does not appear, we work for it. We get intentional about it, we make it happen. And this we do because we know that we are each other’s destiny helpers. The agreement of the husband and the wife brings about all-around success, not just in the marriage, but in every area of their lives including their financial lives. Because when they agree together speaking as one people, nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them to do. God said it, it is true, there is no doubt about it. I have tried this in my marriage and I have found it to be very true.
In the very early days of my marriage, like two months into the marriage, my husband and I draw up a list of what we wanted to have as a couple. Furnishings for our house, electronic gadgets and all. We wrote them down somewhere and hoped to thick off as we accomplish each one. About twelve years into the marriage I stumbled on that list as I was cleaning the house. We had moved houses twice in between the time the list was written and the time I eventually saw it and someway somehow, the list was moving everywhere with us and we didn’t even realize it. So I showed my husband the list in excitement when I saw it, we had accomplished all that was on the list and even grown beyond it. I was so thanking God for his faithfulness to us. But my husband wasn’t as excited as I was. In fact, he was not excited at all and I wondered why. He told me yes, we accomplished all, but did I consider the time factor? It took way longer than we anticipated. That dampened my spirit and got me thinking. But the answer was not farfetched. The Holy Spirit was quick to remind me that the years of our disagreement, those years we were married but living like separate individuals didn’t count at all. We delayed our breakthrough, it had nothing to do with God, but everything to do with us. If we agreed to make a request and then disagreed afterward before receiving our answer, who will God give the answer to? So He waits till we agree again and then He blesses us because our request was made in agreement and answer will be received in agreement.
There is so much more to discuss on this topic and so throughout this week, we will focus on the importance of unity in marriage. So until tomorrow, stay blessed.