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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Some Challenges in Marriage Can Be Overwhelming II

So what does she do when she has already been thrown out of his life for several years, and have prayed all manner of prayers?...........Talking from practical experience.

Good day wonderful people, I trust you are doing very great. So am I, and I bless God for us all in Jesus name.
I woke this morning to notice the comment above on my last post waiting for moderation. I had thought it was just a comment to be published but noticed that it was also a question to be responded to. So rather than just respond to the comment personally to the one who asked, I decided to share it as a post so that many would be able to benefit from the response. May the Lord God Almighty uphold us to have a wonderful marital life here on earth in Jesus name.

Malachi 2:13-14
Another thing you do: You flood the Lord’s altar with tears. You weep and wail because he no longer pays attention to your offerings or accept them with pleasure from your hands. You ask, “Why?” It is because the Lord is acting as the witness between you and the wife of your youth; because you have broken faith with her, though she is your partner, the wife of your marriage covenant.

By the grace and will of God, I will begin to answer this question from the scripture above. I hope all women will have a deep understanding of this scripture.
The fact that your husband has already thrown you out of his life does not mean you have stopped to be his wife. Remember it is only death that annuls a marriage covenant before God (Romans 7:2-3). And that is why we noticed in Genesis 21:8-12 when Sarah insisted that Hagar and his son must be sent away from Abraham’s home and life, God supported that position because it was Sarah God recognized and accepted as Abraham’s wife. That is still God’s position till date, because He is not a God that changing like shifting shadows. God is not standing as a witness between the man and his wife or wives, but between the man and the wife of his youth (his first wife).
In the world today, it is not unheard of that couples who have been separated for up to 30years have come back together and renewed their marriage vows and picked up their marriage covenant from where they dropped it off to finish off together. But in Jesus name I pray that yours will not take that long.
The fact that you have not had your prayers answered does not mean that God accepts your separation with your husband as final. Because if He says he hates divorce He means He hates divorce. He is not a God to say a thing and do otherwise. God honors His word more than His name. He will not speak and act contrary to His word or permit that His children act contrary to His word.
If this is the nature of God, then I will say that you who are praying, needs to consider the content of your prayer if it is in line with the will of God. What do you harbor in your heart as you pray and above all, what is your relationship with the God that you are praying to? The Bible tells us that the prayer of a sinner is an abomination to God. Do you have that intimate relationship with God that gives you confidence to approach His throne and be sure of answers? One of the things we need to check well when we want to go to God is if we even have what it takes to approach him. Are you obedient to His word enough to make you a woman after the heart of God? This needs to be worked on. It is vital for effective and result oriented prayers.
Then the next thing that is important to attend to in this situation is what you carry in your heart when you pray. It is so natural and understandable that with what your husband has done to you, to have huge hatred towards him and all those who have part-took in the matter. I do not stand to judge you for being angry even to the point of hatred, but that hatred will not get the job done. You don’t win battles in hatred, most especially if it has to do with spiritual battles. Forgive your husband and pray for him with all sincerity of heart and in love. Pray that God will grant you grace to love your husband despite all he has done and pray sincerely that God will open his eyes of understanding and restore your marriage.
Then fight for your marriage whether you are in the home or outside the home. Be a wife to your husband in prayers and deeds. On special occasions, send him lovely gifts if you can afford them. Daily send him prayerful messages and lovely notes. Let you husband know that you are still his wife and you are praying for him. Though you are out of his home, but you are still his wife. When you send him messages of prayers every day, you are registering it in his subconscious that you are still his wife and you are praying for him. These are seeds that God will cause to germinate and produce fruits for you. Sometimes you don’t just pray and do nothing. You pray and seek God for actions to take to support your prayers. A good morning text message, with a blessing for each day to your husband, sent daily to his phone will do far more than you can imagine. And a sleep well note every night praying that he gets a good night rest covered in the blood of Jesus and under the canopy of the Love of God sent every night to his phone will yield results far more than you can imagine. 
Initially he might not acknowledge those messages, but when you continue and don’t stop he will soon begin to look forward to hearing from you every morning and every night. When this happens, and with God involved in your seed, I am yet to see the demon capable of stopping what God will bring about in your marriage. Soon you will find your husband looking for you and wanting to reconcile with you, most especially when he is noticing that his life is having better meaning as a result of your prayers from afar. At that time he would be the one begging that you come back and take your rightful place in his life.
You don’t just pray and do nothing, when you pray, it’s important to seek God for the actions to take in the direction of your prayers, and the Lord will show you what to do that will work. He has never stopped being in the business of answering prayers and you will not be an exception. Your case is not a puzzle for God, you just need to pay attention to His leading and act in the direction in which He leads.  

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