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Thursday, 20 August 2020

Things Happen When We Pray

I intend to make this post a short read as I just would love to share an experience I had a couple of weeks ago with you but I write as I am inspired by God, and so it might just extend a little if the Lord wants it so.
On Father’s Day of this year, I woke up in the morning and realized my husband was already out of bed. I walked to the sitting room to look for him and found him there. I attempted to give him a hug and greet him good morning and he playfully pushed me away saying I didn’t wish him happy Father’s Day and that the children also didn’t greet him happy Father’s Day even though the children were still in bed.
In all honesty I didn’t realize it was Father’s Day until he made the accusation. I felt really bad and tried to make amends but I wasn't making any headway. I wondered how I didn’t remember that it was Father’s Day and what I could do immediately to make up for the mistake. I scrambled my head to think of what I could do to make the morning a special one. If my husband had complained then it meant Father’s Day meant something to him and he wants it acknowledged.
I went into my closet to think hard but nothing came to mind. I couldn’t afford to buy him a gift because I was broke. But then I did what I normally would do in crisis mode and in fact all the time in my life. I quickly prayed. I ran to God for ideas on what I could do in the light that I couldn’t get a befitting gift and the need to redeem the situation and make my husband feel special so he doesn’t carry on the thought that we take him for granted in his home.
Guess what the Lord told me to do? He told me to write a special message with my husband’s pictures and put it on my WhatsApp status. In my wildest dream, I couldn’t have imagined doing that. I am too busy for social media, and I only see it as a tool for showcasing my business and most importantly reaching people with "The Marriage Blog Today".
Well I was quick to run to do what God had put in my mind and I wrote a heartfelt message for my husband put it as my WhatsApp status and put so many pictures of him on my status and even got our children to do the same. I made them pen a message as they felt it in their heart to their father and put on their WhatsApp status too for that day until WhatsApp itself disabled the status update.
Did this work? O yes, it did. My husband saw all our messages and that made him feel like a worthy father. And then I began to think, what if I didn’t pray. How on earth could I think that putting up a message for my husband on my WhatsApp status would actually improve my husband’s state of mind on Father’s Day? Every time I think of this, I can’t help but wonder about the awesomeness of God. He brings big things out of very little things. God helped me solve what could have turned out to be a big issue in my marriage using absolutely nothing. And please don't wonder too long on why I am saying a big issue. You just can't imagine the level of damage the devil is capable of doing with this simple issue if not handled properly. I didn’t have to spend the money that I didn’t have and yet I got the desired results.
I write this to encourage someone today, there is absolutely nothing too irrelevant to pray about. The tiny issues of our marriages which we ordinarily would look down on are the things the devil would try to hold onto to destabilize our homes and try to fulfill his evil agenda in our marriages. A little prayer at the right time is all that is needed. From the very big issues of your life to the very tiny ones, trust God with them. Don’t bother to try to figure it out yourself, just practice the act of hearing from God as you pray, He has the ideas to resolve those issues far more than you can imagine. God does the work and you get the accolades when you learn to pray and trust Him. 

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