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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Very Little to Complain About in Your Marriage

Yes we spoke about the need to focus on unity in our marriage far above any reason to be apart in that marriage in my last post. No wonder God made the man and his wife one in flesh and in spirit, Although in our own sight and limited understanding, the man and his wife are two separate individuals, but before God they are one. The one people as the Lord has made them are a force above any challenge that might come their way. They are a unified force against any impossibility in their lives, both collectively and individually. These one people are a people with whom no impossibility is found. As a unit, nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.
Like I mentioned in my last post, in order to attain that unity, sacrifices need to be made and so I encouraged the wives that no matter what justifiable reason/s they may have to look down on their husbands and disregard him as head over their lives, there is the need to focus on the unity of their marriage which is an antidote to impossibilities in their lives. And in order to encourage and work for the unity of their marriage, they need to offer the sacrifice of submission. So despite it all, please submit to your husband as to the Lord so that you will build the unity of your home and marriage and with two speaking as one, nothing you plan to do will be impossible for you.
But it’s not only the wives who need to work for the unity of their marriage; the husbands too have a huge role to play. Remember two are better than one is what the Bible says. As a man who wants to war against the impossibilities of your life, the first place to start to fight that war is within you. And the first war to wage is against anything that will prevent you from loving your wife the way Christ loves the church.
While the wife is required to offer the sacrifice of submission in order to encourage and develop the unity of her marriage, the husband is required to offer the sacrifice of love in order to develop unity in his marriage and when unity is firmly secured, impossibility is firmly ejected and driven out of your life and that of your wife.
This is what a husband is required to do; he is to love his wife to submission. I often encourage the wives to dig out the love in their husbands and they need to dig out that love for their own use and enjoyment. And if someone has stolen your husband’s love, please run and take it back; not with force of fist, but with submission, reverence and purity. But in just the same strength a man needs to love his wife to the point of her reverencing him like she would Christ Jesus. You need to love your wife sacrificially to the point where you become the number one person in her mind, thoughts and on her scale of preference and priority in life.
This is one testimony I hope will encourage a couple who reads this. When I was going have my last baby, my husband insisted on me having this baby through a Caesarian Section because he thought due to my age, I might not be able to handle the pains of labor. This was not the doctor's recommendation, just my husband's call. It was going to cost him a fortune in hospital bill but he was willing to spend the money for my safety. I agreed to his instruction and together with our doctor, we fixed a date for the baby to be born. When my baby was about to be brought out of me, the doctor said it was just so good and timely that we opted for the C-section cause our baby had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck which could have killed him. I didn’t appreciate the gravity of what the doctor said three years ago until about two hours ago when I spoke to my neighbor whose daughter lost a seven month old pregnancy. When I asked what caused the seven month miscarriage, I was told that the baby had his umbilical cord wrapped round his neck and choked to death. It was painful to hear, but I learnt a lesson there and same I want to share. I saw the power of unity saving my son. I saw the sacrificial love my husband had for me save me from still birth, I saw my own submission to the will of my husband deliver my cute son from the hands of possible death.
I do not mean to say that lack of unity caused the death of my neighbor’s grandson. But I am saying that unity, love and submission and the power of God over my life and my family delivered my own baby from the hands of death three years ago.  

You just might not understand how much God can go with your submission and love in marriage. When you work for the unity of your marriage there is a firm bond between the two of you that impossibility is not capable of breaking and God honors this bond. God respects this bond and when this bond approaches God for anything it is done for them. This is the bond that makes marriages sweet and pleasurable. Prayerfully seek this bond and you will have very much less to complain about in your marriage.

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Remain forever blessed. 


  1. Thank you.
    May the lord enlighten us to get full understanding of his words.
    I agree with u absolutely on the power of the bond in couples.
    May ur oil never run dry!