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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Gratitude to God

Genesis 6-8 and Genesis 19 are two Bible passages that shows us so well the importance of showing God gratitude. Our ability to say Thank You to God for mercies received and grace untold shows God our readiness to receive more grace from Him.
First I want us to consider the story of the man named Noah, whose story is found in Genesis 6-8. Because of the length of the passage in consideration, I will not be able to write it out, but will encourage that we all take a little time out to know a little more about Noah from this passage.
Genesis 6:9 tells us that Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time and so he found favour in the sight of God. His character as a man who feared God endeared him to the heart of God and so the Lord decided to spare Noah from the great destruction coming to earth and through him repopulated the earth.
But what I want us to focus on was Noah’s attitude or rather response to the grace of God on his live. The Bible records in Genesis 8:13-22 that immediately Noah got out of the ark, he got some clean animals, built an altar and sacrificed to God. The aroma of the sacrifice pleased the Lord to the point that God entered into a covenant with Noah, his household and the entire world. This covenant was a covenant of provision, increase, multiplication.
On another note, Genesis 19 tells us the story of how God spared Lot from the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. When the angels of the Lord arrived at Sodom, it was Lot who met them and took them into his home. He took care of them, shielded them from the attacks of the villagers and even offered his daughters for molestation in place of the visiting angels.
This act made the angels spare Lot from the impending destruction. Lot and his household were literarily hulled to safety by the angels when he hesitated to leave the city. Except for the wife of Lot who disobeyed and looked back at the city, Lot’s household left the city of Sodom safe and sound. But unlike Noah, Lot did not remember to show appreciate for what God did for him. Lot took the grace of God for his life for granted. He just went on with his life as though nothing spectacular had happened to him. No record in the Bible shows that Lot gave thanks to God after that incidence.
Other than the fact that Lot’s daughter got him drunk and had sex with him in turn thereby committing a detestable offence before God, nothing else was said about that man called Lot again. I just try to imagine if Lot had remembered to show gratitude to God for the kind deliverance shown to him and his family?
Many of us take the grace of God for our lives for granted. The Bible says “the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the strong, but time and chance happens to them all.” Your intellect really didn’t get you this far in life; Steve Jobs in all his achievements is dead and gone. It’s not your ability that has helped you; there are a lot of people with better ability and more hardworking than you, yet they are still wallowing in poverty. It is just the grace of God and nothing but the grace of God.
When you learn to appreciate God for the ASSUMED little things He is doing in your life, you show Him your readiness for greater and better things. Whatever you have, you have received from God. Even the breathe that you breath really does not belong to you and it is worth thanking God for. When you have mastered the act of appreciation, then like Noah you show God a man worthy to receive an everlasting covenant from Him.  

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