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Saturday, 21 March 2020

The Me I See in the Mirror

In the recent past, I decided to make some lifestyle changes. Personally, I love to learn, and in my adult life I have developed a love for learning far more than I did when I was much younger. I take as many online free courses that interest me as I can lay my hands on. I developed my own eCommerce website with its full functionalities, where you can buy lace, pay and have them delivered to you by in your home, all by myself without writing codes. This I learned to do just from the free online courses that I take. Currently, I am learning how to code, learning the HTMLs, the CSS and Javascripts, all for free online.
But then I also did some other things to myself, like working on my waistline that has greatly enlarged due to childbirth after four lovely children expanded the waistline making it almost impossible for clothes to sit well on my skin and fit without the stomach bulging annoyingly. I have had a haircut. These are some of the things that have taken me off blogging and resulted in the inconsistency of you hearing from me regularly.
First, I decided to do these for myself and for my own sake. I want to look in the mirror and appreciate what I see to be me. I want to be proud of the woman that stirs at me in the mirror whenever I look at it and God has helped me greatly. But then all those personal developmental steps that I have taken have had its positive impact on my marriage. The woman my husband sees me to be, improves with every step I take to develop myself.
While still being the prayerful, home-keeping, great cook, supportive wife that I have been, I have added to it a presentable looking woman who is daily defying aging, I have become an innovative saleswoman, now I earn income, and cloths are beginning to look good on me. I have even brushed up my make-up skills.
The result of what I do is greatly telling on my marriage and I thank God for it. But I can’t tell you that I do all these by myself, but every time I pray to God to show me what else I can do to spice up my home and He gives me ideas, He gives me a platform and shows me the technique and gives me the strength to do it all. So I am still the one who washes the toilets in my house, cook the meals and clean the kitchen, sweep the house and make beds, do the laundry and mend the torn cloths, help my children with school needs, take care of them, listen to my husband when he needs to talk, and yet I will not forget to exfoliate my body twice a week, get my hair done as often as possible, work on my big tummy everyday and still make out time to have a quality time of worship, spend a few hours on my computer and then sell laces on social media.
Basically, it’s not impossible for you to be all these and more, first, it takes you been intentional about you, make room for no excuses and pray. While not leaving the big things, understand that the little things also matter. It can be very crazy sometimes, that much I can assure you, but there are million and one reasons why you won’t succeed if you pay attention to those excuses. Never give failure a foothold in your life and never go stale in your marriage.

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