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Friday, 10 February 2017

Some Exceptional Marriages in the Bible

In my today’s post I want us to take a look at some exceptional marriages found in the Bible. I call these marriages exceptional because of the peculiarity of the circumstances that surrounds the marriage. These two marriages are the marriage of Hosea the prophet to an adulterous wife and the marriage of Joseph to Mary whom he found to be pregnant before he even came near her. And even though these marriages where orchestrated by the Lord in order to pass on some messages to His people and to bring about the deliverance of the world through the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ, I still choose to refer to these marriages and peculiar.

The story of Hosea and his wife is found in the book of Hosea 1-3 and we will find the story of the birth of Jesus in Matthew 1:18-20. I am trying to imagine the reactions of some men I knew and try to picture what they may lightly do if they find their wives with other men and per adventure their wives get pregnant and they know they are not responsible for the pregnancy; and all I can do is wear a big smile on my face as I write. As a matter of fact, if I know my husband as well as I think I do, I would say that his reaction is better left imagined.

This makes me have loads of respect for the likes of Hosea and Joseph. Hosea did as the Lord had instructed him to as he took an adulterous woman as a wife and in the full knowledge of that, he still loved and respected her. Joseph on the other hand was a righteous man and on the realization that the woman he was about to marry was pregnant and he was not responsible for it, he decided to divorce her quietly and safe her the public disgrace until the Lord spoke to him.

We need more men/husbands like Hosea and Joseph in our world today. In as much as I do not excuse wayward lifestyle in women, I will say that it takes an exceptional excellent man to take a wayward woman and for no ulterior motive, mold her into a godly wife through his love and sacrifice for her. Such a man will have my loads of respect.

If we have husbands today willing to be as sacrificial as Hosea and Joseph we will have marriages that glister and shine as gold. It’s not just the wives who should be giving in marriage, the men/husbands too have a lot to give. We need our men to be sacrificially loving too. The fact that we need our men to be sacrificially loving does not translate to the wife becoming adulterous and wayward to test the love of her husband. But when the husband is giving his best and the wife is reciprocating with her best then all we will have is the best in marriage.   

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