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Tuesday, 25 April 2017

A Very Costly Disobedience

In my post today I will be sharing a true life story that I came across on one of the social media groups that I belong to. It is a very touching story and will most likely bring tears to your eyes. But there is a big lesson from it and I pray that this makes a big impact in the lives of those reading this.

The Story
My marriage is 2years now and it has been so wonderful until something shocking stole my joy away. I am a mother of two, a boy and a girl, and the age difference between them is just a year and two months. When I gave birth to my second child, my husband said I should stop work and take care of the kids but I told him I couldn’t stop work based on other people’s experiences that I had heard. He begged me, but I refused. He told me he had plans for me but I told him to make the plan a reality first before asking me to stop work. So he left me to my stubbornness since I wanted to follow my heart. Unfortunately for me, a couple of months ago (date withheld), I was set for work, I was feeding my boy before taking him to school, he refused eating so I forced him. He vomited the food, then I took him from the bedroom to the sitting room. As I carried him, I discovered he had pooed on his diaper and so I cleaned him up and took a clean diaper from his school bag to wear on him. Once done, I left the sitting room to get a replacement diaper for his school bag not knowing that my son had walked out of the sitting room into the parking lot of the building. It was my son’s cry that alerted me that he was not where I left him. On rushing towards his voice I realized that my neighbor, who was reversing out of the parking lot, not knowing that my son was behind his car, drove over him with his tyre climbing over my son’s head. I ran like a mad woman that morning, but my little prince died before we got to the hospital. I wished death could take me instead. I asked God many questions with no answer. But that was not the end of my misery; my husband who had not been home for two months arrived to meet the lifeless body of his son in the mortuary. Since then the 90% love and attention that I got from my husband decreased to 10%. My husband held me responsible for the death of our son and said he would never forgive me except I bring back his son to life. Since then I have been passing through emotional trauma. He accused me of killing his joy. There is always tension in the house, I am no more the strong woman that I used to be. Even our 6months old baby girl is affected by this incident and development in our home. I can’t even pray. Every day my husband keeps talking about our late son; I am confused, can anyone advise me on what to do please.   

My Response
I had hoped to drop a comment on this post when I read it, but I guess I was a little late as usual as the comment icon had been disabled. But this is also a good medium to lend a voice and I pray that those who read this will keep the loads of lessons from it to heart and act on what they have learned.
First I will say that the only true and guaranteed source of healing is God, so no matter what, you need to pick up the pieces that is left, summon strength and like the prodigal son, find your way back to God in prayer. I need not say that you have had to learn the submission lesson the very hard way. But only God knows what He has to do, to make you do what He wants you to do. Probably if He didn’t hit you so hard, you will not learn. But I believe you have learned; who wouldn’t learn in a situation like this. But this is not a situation to drive you away from God, rather it should drive you closer to Him in total surrender with you telling God that you have dropped your will and you are ready to take up His will and do things the way He wants them done. If God says submit to your husband, then He means business about it.
It’s no surprise that your husband holds you responsible for the death of his son, any normal person would, but that is not the end of the matter. When you surrender to God, He will take up your matter and right all the wrongs on your behalf. He will soften the heart of your husband and renew the love in your marriage.
It’s very painful to lose a child but I bless God that you are not barren, neither is it that you are too old to conceive. So in your case there is a bright hope that God will bless you yet again with another boy child and this time it will not just be a boy child, you will have them come as a double blessings; special sons to a special child of God.
Don’t fight your husband, let him hurt and let him express himself, don’t bother telling him it’s not your fault, just beg him. Apologize to him for disobeying his instructions; tell him you have learned your lessons the hard and bitter way, tell him he is your king and will always remain so. Show him that you are sorry and repentant. Never argue with his instructions again. Obey and let God take care of the rest. See the foolish wisdom in obedience to your husband and pursue it with all your energy and it will be well with you. I am praying for you and I know that your marriage will sail through this trying time in Jesus name. 

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