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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

The Domesticated Wife

Now the holidays are over and we can resume work fully. I have been busy with my new book titled "Marriage Handbook" which is simply a compilation of all the write-ups on marriage shared on this blog till February 2017. And so far I have come up with a book of about 600pages. I am sure you will agree with me that that is huge. But editing it has been a big experience for me in that I am amazed at the loads of lessons and revelations contained in that one piece of material. It's worth having I assure you. It's not out yet; it requires more editing and a little bit of finishing touches. But as soon as the cover art work is out, I will sure share it here. And I need help with marketing my books. I will appreciate any help that I can get as I am struggling with marketing my books.
But that said, it's time to get down to the main business of today's write-up which is talking about the domesticated wife. That kind of wife that is mostly refereed to as the superwoman who seem to have everything under control; always on top of the affairs of her home.  
The most fitting definition for the word domesticate that I can find in the dictionary says “to accustom to household life or affairs.” And one truth that I have discovered is that no matter the level of exposure a wife has, no matter her career achievement, no matter her entrepreneurial expertise, most, if not all men love to be married to wives who are accustomed to household affairs; a wife who can take proper care of the home, cook good food, ensure a neat home that is appealing to all the sense organs in addition to all other roles she still has to play as a wife. Now going by the characteristics of a wife of noble character as found in Proverbs 31:10-31, it looks more like its the expectation of a wife to be accustomed to household life or affairs.  
In truth being a wife can be overwhelming and taking my yesterday for example, where my hired help took two days off work to attend to her personal issues, I can tell you for free that by the time I was out of my kitchen, I could barely stand on my two legs with my knees threatening to give way going by how tired I was from doing house chores.
But when I evaluated all that the woman has to do on the face of the earth, I realized that her husband and children should be on her priority list. All other pursuit of a woman are a means to an end of building a successful and beautiful home and marriage, because God’s judgment of her earthly performance will be based on how well she performed as a wife and mother. God will not ask a wife why she didn’t become a Managing Director of a company before leaving the face of the earth, but God will surely demand an account of how well she performed as a suitable helper in the life of her husband.  
Quite a number of marriages have crash landed owing the inability of the wife to get accustomed to household life and affairs (she is not domesticated). Being able to take care of your home as a wife is one of the important ingredients of a successful marriage and one of your functions as a home builder. The house chores can really be tiring but if you cannot cope alone, get a helping hand but at least ensure that they are done and done properly.
Being domesticated is one of the ways with which I have been able to ignite my husband’s love for me. It can also work for you (although being domesticated is not all you need to dig up your husband’s love, but its part of the whole); it is a value-add to being a superwoman that has grown to be all that her husband needs and wants. It is a value-add that helps you ignite your husband's love and respect for you as his wife.
May the Lord bless our homes. 

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