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Thursday, 20 April 2017

The Indispensable Wife

In my last post I wrote about the domesticated wife and in the post before that I wrote about loving love; loving to be loved. Tying the two together I will say that been domesticated is one of the possible means of digging up your husband’s love for you. I tried it out in my marriage and it worked.
But there is another dimension to all these that is worth talking about and that is the angle of the indispensable wife. Other words that can replace the word indispensable are: vital, very important, essential, crucial, requisite, necessary; but I will like to define indispensable with the phrase “can’t do without. So an indispensable wife is a wife who is so very important, crucial, essential, necessary, requisite and a "cannot do without wife" to her husband. An indispensable wife is a part of her husband that he cannot do without.
I am of the opinion that if you are a wife that your husband can do without and when you are not there nothing is missing, then you don’t have any business being a wife. So its either you are an indispensable wife or you are no wife at all. An indispensable wife is a wife who adds value to her husband. She is his rock support from God.    
Being an indispensable wife is not an easy task based on my own personal experience. To my husband I am not just his wife, but I am wife/friend, wife/secretary, wife/personal assistance, wife/confidant, wife/adviser, wife/record keeper, wife/cook all in addition to being a mother of four children and a servant of God. When my husband is looking for anything at all in the house from remote control to socks, I am his first point of call. I keep my husband’s calendar outside of his office calendar. I basically organize my husband’s life and I feel fulfilled doing it.
From his laundry to the grooming of his finger and toe nails, I take care of them all and I have been doing so from the very moment we married. And I enjoy every bit of it. I am not saying that every woman should be in charge of cutting their husband’s nails, but as a wife you should be strategically positioned in the life of your husband such that he is able to say that "I can’t remain sane without my wife." When you know what your husband likes and you keep giving it to him, you gradually move from just any wife to an indispensable wife to your husband.
When you are an indispensable wife to your husband, you cut down on the probability of him having extra-marital affairs. You also increase the bond of unity between the two of you and you should also know that with unity comes success and with unity impossibility is eradicated from your marriage.
You may want to ask why we are not talking about the indispensable husband, well again it’s because it’s the wife that has been assigned by God to build the home; she lays the foundation on which the marriage is built. An indispensable wife is a wife that enjoys the love, care and cooperation of her husband as she builds her marriage.
I must say that marriage is not for lazy hands. Please note that as a wife your first and most important assignment to you from God is to be a wife and suitable helper to the man He assigns you to as head over your life. That should be your most important pursuit in life because you will give account to God based on this pursuit. All other pursuits are secondary and just a means to an end. They don't hold greater priority above the assignment God has given you.
May the Lord bless our homes in Jesus name. 

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