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Monday, 24 April 2017

Why Didn't You Make it Work

Today I will share a story that has really burdened my heart. It is a story that I happen to know those involved, but I am really pained by what became of their union. These were people I had counseled and the fact that their marriage didn’t last was a big pain to me. In marriage prayer is very important.

The Story
A young man that I happen to know was in love with a young lady who was of another tribe and culture from his own tribe and culture, but they share the same faith. They were both Christians. Because of the difference in tribe the mother of the guy was hell bent on not approving their union because she wanted her son to marry a wife from their own tribe who spoke their language. But the father of the guy didn’t oppose to the union as long as his son was okay with the wife he wanted to marry.
The man did all that he could to prevail on his mother to allow him marry the woman of his heart. It was at this point that I was invited into the situation and I advised both bride and groom to be, to commit the situation into the hands of God. The man appealed to his mother through every possible means he knew. The Reverend Father of their church was invited into the situation and after so much pleading and convincing, the mother allowed the union to sail through. Or so I thought.
The wedding ceremony went smoothly but barely two months after the wedding, these two interesting couples have gone their separate ways and the groom is now married to another woman who now has a son for him barely a year after marrying the first wife. This new wife is from his tribe and culture and speaks the same language as he and his family does to the satisfaction of his mother. Now, my worry is that what happened to the love that held him bound to the first woman he married that they both fought dearly for against all odds to the point that they were able to tie the knot.
I have not had the opportunity to speak to the husband or wife to find out what went wrong and why such didn’t go wrong before they eventually got married even with the strong resistance that was put up by the groom’s mother. But I was able to speak with the groom’s sister and believe me; she was unable to give me any cogent reason for the breakup of that marriage that lasted just for two months safe of minor differences.  The wife complains that the husband is smoking excessively and the husband says the wife nags too much. And believe me I am so pained by this situation that one would be tempted to think it happened to my blood brother.
I am sharing this story so that we might understand that marriage is sacrosanct; it’s a covenant that must be kept and one must abide with for the rest of one's life. And so it is not a union that you can just jump into and jump out of at will. Sometimes it’s just advisable to stay unmarried when you are unsure, than to carelessly heap the wrath of God on your life and destiny.
When you do what God hates, you invite or should I say attract His wrath on your life and destiny. God says He hates DIVORCE. He even warned in Malachi 2:16 that you should guard yourself in your spirit not to break faith with the wife of your youth. There is a huge importance that God attaches to the position of the wife of one’s youth that you also need to attach equal importance to if not more if you would attract the blessings of God rather than His wrath.
Malachi 2:13-16 tells us how much importance God attaches to marriage, yet we His people take it with levity as though it is just one of those things. It is this same nonchalant attitude that the sons of God attached to marriage in Genesis 6:1-5 that made God declare that His Spirit will no longer contend with men any longer and that every thought of their heart is evil all the time.
When in future life begins to look bleak and challenges are coming up from every angle, the man will begin to wonder why is it so, but God will honor His word because that is Who He is. He will stop to pay attention to the offerings of this man and will not accept them with pleasure because he has broken faith with the wife of his youth; the wife of his marriage covenant which God stood to witness. God will act as a judge between this two and will judge each one accordingly. So why invite the wrath of God on your life. Why not consider your future and your walk to God and hold on to God to help you through the challenges of your union?
I will stop here, but I pray that I have reached the core of someone’s heart with this post today to know, understand and appreciate that it’s a lot better to stick it out and work it out and come out better off, than to walk away and stand before God’s judgment to answer why you didn’t make your marriage work. 

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