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Friday, 25 November 2016

Praying For Your Spouse

Hello God’s special people. How are you doing today, I pray and believe that you are all doing great. Trust that the Lord is keeping you safe under the shadow of His wings because you are the apple of His eyes and your names are inscribed on the palm of His hands. You are so special to Him that He has numbered the all the strands of your hair and not one of them will fall off without His attention; you are that special to God and more, so know for sure that you are finishing this year well in Jesus name. He won’t bring you this far to turn His back on you. Whatever you are going through, tough as it may seem, you are coming out of it victorious.

So today I want to share something simple, I don’t know how to phrase it, so I might just give some description hoping that before I finish I will find a title for it. Because God is faithful He gave me a title even before finishing my sentence. So I will be discussing “Praying for your Spouse.”

I have heard a lot of women speaking to me in tears saying they are tired of praying for their husbands. They have been so hurt by their husbands that they cannot even afford the time to pray for him. And even though I understand the pain they are going through, I know that stopping to pray for their spouse does not solve the problem neither does it take the pains away.

It’s important that as women we keep reminding ourselves that we are in that marriage first because we are on an assignment for God. And concerning that assignment, the Lord will demand an account from us. Now, getting hurt by your husband’s actions does not and should not stop you from praying for him; it should not take your focus away from your assignment as his suitable helper. How do you want to fulfill your assignment in his life when you can’t even pray for him? And how can God change him to become the husband you desire him to be when you have decided to stop praying for him? Can two wrongs arrive at a right?

I once shared a personal story of how God has so used my husband to bless me. It happens almost always that whenever I pray for a need, somehow my husband has a way of making available for me those things that I pray for; so to say that God uses my husband to answer my prayers. It’s not that he doesn’t hurt me sometimes, and we are not so holy that we never get to fight. We are just ordinary couples who have passed through and overcame various marital challenges too. But I try not to allow my emotions get in the way of my responsibility to my husband. I pray for him not because he doesn’t hurt me, but because that is my God given responsibility to him. And because I pray for him, God uses him to bless me.

Genesis 25:21
Isaac prayed to the Lord on behalf of his wife, because she was barren. The Lord answered his prayer, and his wife Rebekah became pregnant.

Its not just the wives that decides to stop praying for their husbands because they are hurt, the husbands experience that too. You often hear men say, "she is too stubborn she can't change." The husbands also need to pray fervently for their wives; that change you desire in your wife can only be brought about by fervent prayers and love. The Bible tells us that Isaac prayed for his wife and the Lord answered; will God answer the prayers of Isaac over his wife and not answer your own prayer to bring about the changes that you desire in the lives of your wife?

Are there issues about your wife that troubles you and gives you sleepless night? It’s time to turn those issues over to God. The Lord, who heard and answered Isaac, will surely answer you and turn around the situation of your marriage.

There is power in prayers because we serve a loving God who hears and answers our prayers. If we allow emotions of hurt and hate to prevent us from praying for our spouses how different are we from the unbelievers? If we only pray for our spouses when they are good to us and stop praying for them when the tables turn then we really don’t have Christ in us. If we find it hard to pray for our spouses who are suppose to be closest to us because of the wrong they have done to us, how can we pray for our enemies as Christ has instructed us to?

When you desire a change in your spouse, pray for him/her. When he/she prospers you prosper all the more. May the Lord bless our homes. 

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