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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Dealing With the Unseen Factor in the Challenges of Your Marriage

Hello wonderful people of God, I am positive we are all doing great. It’s been a busy weekend for me, but I believe you are able to have a restful one. Its Sunday and its worship day, so please, let’s not forget to give God all the praises that He deserves. You just can’t begin to fathom all the battles He has fought and won on your behalf that you just don’t know.

I wanted to share another story and make it story time till the end of the year but I will just chip in this one and then continue with my stories in my next post. So today I want to ask you this question; “what do you make of the challenges you face in marriage.” Do you take them on face value or you look deep into the matter and read between the lines of the situation.

A young lady was separated from her husband, as a matter of fact, the husband relocated to another city and instructed his lawyers to evacuate his wife and children from his house and find a tenant to occupy the house. After several years he is still coming back to claim custody of the children that he doesn’t know how they have been surviving after several years that he has ejected them from his house and life.

From what I have gathered, this young mother is on the quiet side and very unassuming. She is not extravagant, and she is very hardworking. Her children are her main focus and she is putting all her energy and resources in bringing up these children of hers.

It is not wrong at all for this woman to feel very hurt by what marriage has yielded for her, there is nothing that she could have done that would warrant her husband throwing her and her children into the cold night. No right thinking man should be found doing such a thing. But there is another side of the story that I want us to begin to consider.

Hebrews 11:3 says, “By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible, and then 2 Corinthians 4:18a says “So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen.” The story I just shared about the young mother seem very pathetic and looking at the situation from face value all we can see is a callous husband who has no conscience or any form of love for his family, but there is the unseen factor that needs to be put into consideration and needs so much focus.

If we consider the trials of Job in the book of Job 1&2, Job never knew there was a conversion and in fact a negotiation on his life between God and satan in heaven. All he saw was the calamities that were befalling him on all sides. So our challenges in lives require that we consider the unseen factor. We need seek the face of God to know the unseen negotiations that has birth what we are experiencing. Was there a negotiation over our lives in heaven just like the case of Job that is causing us to experience what we are experiencing, or is the devil just trying to mess up with us. These are factors that we always need to consider.

I know that sometimes our actions or inaction birth trouble for us in marriage but what of when you seem to be doing everything right, and still this huge challenge fall on your laps. Then we need to consider the unseen factor. You need to know that rather than let the devil laugh God to scorn over your life and situation, you’d rather put him to shame.

In the case of this lady I don’t know what is the husband’s reason for his mean and callous actions towards his wife and children, but if this woman possesses the quiet spirit that I have been told she possesses, then she needs to consider the unseen factor. There must be some unseen forces at work in her marriage that needs to be dealt with on the altar of prayer, when her spirit is constantly connecting with the Spirit of God like in the case of Daniel. This is not the time to give up on the marriage; this is not the time to focus on her husband; but this is the time to wage war in the spiritual realm against any unseen forces ruffling her marriage, and take back all that the devil has stolen from her. If she continues and does not stop it won’t be long for her to start to see the result of what she is doing in the unseen realm manifest physically in the life of her husband.

Not too long ago I had a challenge in my marriage and I was just smiling at separation with my husband and because I was so very hurt I had resolved to leave. But then I prayed and I kept praying, I didn’t hear the voice of God and the situation was looking like it wouldn't improve and all that kept screaming in my brain were those things that were hurting me. Then I called my mum to offload my heart to her but she didn’t pick my call. So I called my pastor and he also didn’t pick my call. Sincerely I had resolved that maybe this was just God telling me to leave. I prayed for a sign but got none and while on the verge of concluding on my resolve, I called a friend. And this friend asked me one question, he said, “What work has God given you to do that you have been doing diligently?” I answered him that I write about marriages, and then he asked, “Are you making an impact in the lives of people by what you are doing?” I answered “yes”, because I get feedbacks and responses from a lot of people.

Then he told me that because you are disturbing the camp of satan, he will disturb you too. He will attack you in every way he can so that you are not settled enough do disturb him. He is ruffling your nest. That for me was the unseen factor behind my challenge. As soon as I realized this I smiled and my spirit was lifted. And with that I didn’t see my husband or what I think he has done to hurt me any longer. My battle was not with my husband, it was with satan the enemy and that was who I needed to tackle and bring down.

I don’t know how many people are in this category or share this experience, but believe me not all these challenges are to be handled from the face value; it goes deeper than what you see to what you are not seeing. The root cause of the problem is where we need to begin to deal with. When the root is properly dealt with, the stem, branches, leaves and flowers associated with your challenges will naturally fall off. May the Lord bless our homes in Jesus name.

Have you read a handful of posts on this blog and you still feel the need to talk to someone, then we have you covered. Just visit and you will have someone to hold your hands and walk you to the throne of God and when you are there you can never leave the presence of God with those problems in your life again. 

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