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Friday, 16 December 2016

Why Let Anyone Snatch Your Husband

Hello beautiful people, a very good and blessed morning to us all in Jesus name. It will be a very blessed day by the special grace of God in Jesus name. Hope we all feel good this morning irrespective of what we are going through. Where you are at now is not the finish line, so please keep moving, the Lord is with you.

Quite a lot of heartwarming responses have been pouring in on this blog, in as much as it makes me feel good, I can’t take all the credit for work done. Writing these messages is just simply the inspiration of God. A lot of times I learn from them as much as you do, and all the time I get to read through some blog post and wonder if I really did write them. But most of all I bless God that these messages are touching lives and blessing marriages and homes; including mine.

So many times you hear women say "that lady/woman snatched my husband and sometimes" it looks like a big misery. If it is possible for a woman to take away what belongs to you, it is simply because she is stronger than you. No thief can come into your house and cart away your goods unless you are out of the house or the thief is heavily armed and powerful enough to overpower you. Other than that it is only a foolish thief ready for death that will come into the house of a strong man to steal his goods. No thief will go into the white house to steal, it’s almost impossible. No thief can enter the Nigerian Presidential villa with robbery on his mind.

In the same manner, no strange woman would have the guts to seduce your husband and lure him to herself unless you are not watchful, paying diligent attention to your God given assignment in the life of your husband and unless you are not a prayer warrior.

Yesterday, I shared a post on the importance of unity in the home; a marriage that is closely knit cannot easily be broken. It is impossible for a lizard to break into a well molded wall except there is a crack on the wall. Solomon said in Ecclesiastes 4:12 that “A cord of three strands is not easily broken.” A marriage that is well together and you as a wife have rooted yourself firmly in the life of your husband, fulfilling your God’s given assignment well and are very prayerful, I tell you that your husband will be so consumed by you that he will not have room for another woman in his life.

The solution to this kind of problem or the possibility of it is not about fighting or scaring away every lady that your husband talks to or relates with, the solution is about being the right lady for your husband such that he will not have any need or room for another lady in his life and that can only be achieved by having the right attitude and being prayerful. Know what he wants and give it to him the way he wants it.

If a lady has snatched your husband, it’s because she was able to show him that she has what he needs and you are not giving him yet. Even if he was bewitched, it’s because you are not praying for him and over his life well enough. I do not stand to judge anyone, but I write this as a form of reawakening. You will now gear up for taking back that which was stolen from you. You will pray, you will readdress that issues that needs readdressing, and re-position yourself in preparation to be all that your husband needs and wants in a wife and show God that you are ready to be a suitable wife and helper for your husband and be sure that with prayers your husband will return to you.

I was with a friend one day and she was seeing my husband for the first time. Just after we exchanged greetings and we began to gist she whispered into my ears saying, “You need to be very careful o, your husband is so handsome and if you are not careful, some girls will snatch him from you.” I responded with a smile and told her that I am also too good to be true, if only my husband can find another lady like me in his life on the face of the earth. My impact in the life of my husband cannot be matched by any other woman, so if he looses me honestly it’s going to be a huge lose to him.

Marriage is not supposed to be taken for granted; don’t judge your marriage based on the yardstick of others. If you want it to work, then you need to work hard to make it work. There is a time to sow and a time to reap. Whatever you sow in your marriage is what you reap from it. May the Lord bless our homes and marriages in Jesus name. 

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