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Thursday, 8 December 2016

I Married a Monster in the Name of Wife

Good morning great people, it’s another beautiful day, and it’s the 8th day of December and we just have a little over 2weeks to Christmas and I am hopeful and excited in anticipation of the beautiful Christmas gift that the Lord is making ready for me. I guess that’s what you call faith. So whatever it is you are believing God for, don’t give up, keep believing we will exchange testimonies to the glory of God in Jesus name.

So today I will share another story; I had promised to round off the year on this blog with storytelling and I hope I am trying hard to make good my promise.

It’s always easy to have the wife look like the victim in an abusive relationship, but that is not 100% true for all cases. So we will take a look at a situation where the husband feels like he is the victim and the one on the receiving end of the problem in his marriage.

I was married to my ex-wife for just about 8months; we dated for 4years before getting married and I had assumed she was a very good wife material. She appeared humble and submissive to me then. When I took her to my parents she put up the best of character and we all took to her so easily. She was a good friend to my mother and my sisters adored her. But barely a month after we got married she did a 360o character change on me. She was always nagging and she became abusive. She would not cook, nor take care of the house. About a month into our marriage, she traveled out of the country to have our baby, but the situation degenerated badly after she returned to the point of her accusing me of stealing her jewelries and bringing female friends home. She would insult my parents anytime my mother tried to talk to her or calm her down. I could absorb all of her excesses, but I will not take my wife calling me a thief or an adulterer, these are demeaning to my person. I must confess that I hit her twice when she pushed me to the wall; an action which I regretted so badly, but when I realized that she was heading towards destroying my life and I didn’t want to be seen as a wife beater, in anger I sent her out of my house; another action which I regret. But even though I feel bad for sending her packing, I don’t think I want her back in my life either. She does not appear remorseful in anyway and her parents don’t seem to see anything wrong with her attitude.

In all of these narration I have not read where prayers where offered. You didn’t pray before you chose your wife, neither did you pray even in the course of the short marriage between the two of you. And just like the story of Jacob that was shared yesterday, when you marry a woman without the approval of God, issues like this are not farfetched. People marry without praying and the marriage still works might be your argument, but try check out how much love they share compared to how much they have to endure and tolerate about each other while putting up the appearance that all is well in public view when in truth all is not near well, and it’s just a very little while before the bubble bust and we see the true state of affairs between the couple. People have mastered the act of pretense for various reasons, so it's important you don't get fooled. 

Like I have always shared, you can’t change your wife in any way; you can only change yourself and commit that which you cannot change into the hands of God. I know this will be a tough one, but irrespective of what she is doing, try to love your wife. If you can, make efforts to bring her back home and show her love. The only way to quench hatred is through love. Plenty of love is what you need in this matter. The more the hatred you have to deal with, the more the love you require to destroy it. You need to possess love in excess of the hatred that your wife carries for you to succeed in destroying the hatred in her.

Like I said earlier, this may appear tough so you need to pray for grace. If you find it hard to love then, ask the Lord to love through you, He has more love than you can ever imagine requiring. Then you need to pray for your wife that the Lord will bring about the necessary changes in her and make her the suitable helper for your life as the Lord has designed it to be at the beginning. The Lord will dig out all the good treasure he has placed in the life of your wife for you. When you continue at this and you don’t give up, you will reap the reward of your endurance and hope because whatever you commit into the hands of God is settled for ever.

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  1. The story is so short but I want to guess that a lot of behind the scenes occurred.It could be trust issues, communication, finance etc