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Monday, 5 December 2016

Discussing Real Life Issues in Marriage 2

Good afternoon great people, it’s another new week and a glorious time to give God all the praise. I am positive that we had a wonderful weekend, but by the grace of the living God, we will have a more wonderful week in Jesus name.

Today I am sharing one of the stories from the book “Marriage: God’s Rules of Engagement.” It’s a very impactful book written by me and it has made a great impact in the lives of many. This story is a true life story and I trust the Lord that you will not just enjoy the story, but it will make a positive impact on your life and marriage to the glory of God.

I am a born-again Christian and I love the Lord and serve Him with all my heart. I prayed hard for a husband and I was glad when the Lord led me to another born-again child of His to marry. I actually thought my husband was born-again because we meet in church and he was a dedicated worker in the church like I was and he showed to me that he was a born-again Christian. I prayed hard before getting married in order to be sure that I had the consent of God on my decision and I didn’t get any rebuke from God on my choice, neither did I hear His voice telling me that I was making a wrong choice. But just after getting married I discovered that my husband is gay. In the two years that we have been married, not once have we come together as a normal husband and wife should; no sexual relationship has happened between us. My husband has not attempted to touch me once. I am so confused and wondering why the Lord would lead me to such a man? Is it that the Lord spoke to me and I didn’t sense it or that the Lord is not mindful of me in any way? Currently I am beginning to contemplate divorce as I can't imagine being married to such a man as the one I am presently living with.

My darling sister, I bless God for your life and you can be sure that you are not in this situation alone. God will not lead you anywhere His presence will not go with you to, so you can be sure that you are not in this situation alone. I also want you to understand that your purpose in marriage is to be a helper and a suitable helper in fact. And God didn’t not instruct us on the specific areas of the life of the man where his wife is required to help, so in every area where help is needed in the life of the man that God has given to you as husband, you are still the suitable helper fitting for the occasion. Without any doubt whatsoever, your husband needs help and he needs big help and you are the God provided suitable helper for him. Understand that the bigger the issue you are assigned to resolve, the bigger the capacity in you to resolve it. God knows what He built in you and He knows that based on what you have inside of you, you are capable to handle the situation you are faced with and about to run away from. You see yourself as unable, but God sees you as more than able because He alone knows what He deposited in you and what you are capable of handling. You are more than you think you because God will not tempt you more than you can bear.

Despite your husband’s many issues, vices and sins, you need to treat him like the man that he should be and start to pray for him. Your actions and prayers have power in them more than you think or know.

In my last post I made mention of the unseen factor in the marital challenges that we face from time to time. You need to begin to seek the face of God for Him to reveal to you the unseen factor behind this challenge that you are facing and begin to deal with these unseen factors immediately. Whatever are the unseen forces behind your husband being gay needs powerful forces to overthrow and destroy, and because you are God’s assigned helper in his life and you are a child of God with the power of God in you with which you are able to unseat the devil ruling over the affairs of your husband’s life and destroy his throne forever, you need to start praying hard and exercise the authority you have in Christ to pull down strongholds and demolish evil altars in the life of your husband.

From your judgment, who else can take up this challenge and undo the hand of evil in the life of your husband except you who have walked with God, loved the Lord and have the power of God heavy on your life to do exploit. God is sending you on assignment that only His trusted vessels can handle and I respect you because you are one of God’s trusted vessels. So get to work my darling sister and know that the Lord is with you. You will triumph in victory in Jesus name.

Don’t let the devil rub you clean by feeding you with lies that your problem cannot be resolved or your spouse cannot change. God is yet to create a man He cannot handle or remold. There is no such problem that can pose impossible for God if only you are willing and able to walk and work with Him; listen to His instructions and run in the direction He leads. Your problem/s will only last as long as you permit and the resolution that leads to a happy ending without committing any sin by disobeying God’s instruction for your life is very much attainable. Divorce is not the Godly approach to resolving marital challenges. Visit us at and let us talk it over with God together. If you are willing to obey, you will eat the good of the land.  

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