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Friday, 9 December 2016

I Was Cheated Off My Labor By My Husband

Good day beautiful people, how are you today? Great! I believe you are and I am thanking God for you already. And for those that feel a little less than great, because God has not been dethroned, your situation will most definitely end in praise; the story has not ended yet.

So today I will share another story and I pray that it will make a positive and life changing impact in the lives and marriages of those who read it.

I have been married for about 30years and my marriage has seen all the different phases; the good, the bad and the ugly. But God has pulled me through it all. I hold my marriage sacrosanct and I have shielded it from external interferences up till now. Whatever is between me and my husband remains between us whether sweet or sour. I trust my husband with my very life despite the rumors that filters to me that he is having extra marital affairs. I never let that disturb our relationship or my love for him, and I reverence him like my God. I am a born-again Christian and so I hold the Lord dear to my heart. But lately I have been brought to my knees and my world has crumbled before me. 
While I was working, I held a privileged position that gave me the opportunity to make extra income apart from my normal salary. I was earning far more than my husband and I invested all my extra funds in the business I co-owned with him. I was building the business account because the business was in a terrain that I had mastered well, while my husband was signing the cheques. Because I could not own the business openly due to my salary job, my husband was the front while I did the work on the background. Soon he learned the trade along the line and was able to make decisions and give instructions on the business too. I had the belief we were working together and I was happy. As the years rolled by I began to fall ill with varying complications. I would be hospitalized for months and unable to go to work. Because my salary job was also a family business they could accommodate my unending sick leave and I sometimes had to work from home. Over time I had to bow out of my salary job with the believe that I had built enough wealth and strength in the business I co-owned with my husband and from their take out enough capital to start another business that will give me less stress that my health can accommodate while my husband continues with the other one. To my shock, my husband turned his back on me and refuse to give me money from the business I built from the scratch. When I made enquiries I discovered that my husband had removed my name from the company registration and from all we owned together. He has even removed my name as his next-of-kin. Now he only gives me stipends to go by saying I am too extravagant and I spend money lavishly. I am only left with what my relatives give me as gift to meet my personal needs. Is this really fair?

Looking at this from the face value, I will say that this is really not fair, but this is not for me to say. The important thing is to understand what God is saying in this situation. As a child of God you need to understand that God will not work with anything that does not originate from a pure source. The question I want you to ascertain to yourself is that the extra money you invested in the business you co-owned with your husband are those monies pure or gotten from the back door. Is the source of those monies right before the Lord. Any money you cannot openly claim ownership of is money not worth having. If your employers must not know that you earn such money, then I believe its not from God and God is not interested in it.

If then I am correct, there is no point feeling bad, just let go of the money and the investment and come before the Lord in repentance and He’ll give you a fresh new start. With God on your side, your health will be restored and the beautiful thing is that God is not held by time. He will rebuild and restore to you great wealth and you will be proud to show that you own.

Can you imagine the age at which Job was restored? Yet the Lord gave him twice as much as he had before (Job 42:10). God’s restoration for your life is not time bound, all you need to do is come clean before the Lord, let go of that which he considers unclean and embrace that which is good and pure that only God can offer.

Concerning your relationship with your husband, please do not let anything affect your marriage; continue to hold it as sacrosanct as you did before, if not more. Your treasure is should not be built on perishable things, but imperishable treasures held in store for you in heaven and do not let your marriage or any hatred you feel for your husband deplete your heavenly treasures which are of more value. This might be tough as trust is lost, but pray for grace from heaven, the Lord will continually replenish you with abundant grace as you need it.

Submit to your husband as to the Lord, treat him like the king of your life and reverence him. Don’t forget to pray for him because God will use you to make a big change in his life also. You are his change agent from God. Now you know the areas of his life where help is needed and never forget that you are God’s suitable helper for his life. And remember that in life, you are on assignment for God.

By the time God is through with turning this situation around, you will yet enjoy abundance and joy and love will reign in your marriage. You will look at this time in your life and rejoice in how good God is in your life. Hold on to God, no matter what you seem to be going through because He will surely come through for you.

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